Do you desire to be sent? This is our calling church. This is your calling. And this is our passion here at City Impact, to see believers who are hungry come in, develop a burden for the lost and broken, be inspired through the Word and in ministry, grow in courage and boldness, and go back to their hometown and to the world with passion and love to transform it for Jesus by His Spirit.

City Impact has been in existence for 33 years now with a consistent mission: to see a spiritual awakening in the Tenderloin, the toughest district of San Francisco. Roger Huang was called here by God in 1984 to stand in the gap and intercede for the forgotten and ignored people of the Tenderloin. These people are not just ignored by society, but also by Christians. Within the Tenderloin there are 37,000 people and only a handful of Bible believing churches, leaving us to estimate that only 150 – 200 people will be in a solid church on Sunday morning. That is less than .5%! Our call is the same as Roger’s was, to stand in the gaps and intercede for these people who have no Christians in their lives to share the good news with them. This includes very tangible acts of love and kindness such as feeding the hungry (rescue mission, meal deliveries), clothing the naked (thrift store), educating the children (school), loving our neighbor (adopt a building), and making disciples (long term connections).

All of our different Missions Options here at SFCI can be viewed in our new 2016-2017 Missions Packet.

We have two different seasons for trips this year: 

1. Spring and Summer (March-August)
2. Fall and Winter (September – February)

Spring and summer, as you can imagine, are our peak seasons. In our desire to constantly be improving things, this year we have created a formal mission trip experience that will have a set arrival time, departure time, and schedule.

Fall and winter, because of the lighter volume on our end and the challenging schedules on your end, will be more flexible and you will be able to build your own trip based on the price of previous years.

For booking, please be sure to book at least one week in advance. To submit an inquiry, please complete the form on the Book Now page


Mission Trip Payments

All payments for Mission Trips can be made here.